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Going Green With A Reusable Razor

The world is becoming increasingly aware of the need to reduce our plastic addiction and find sustainable solutions to pollution problems. One of the areas where we can all make a big difference in our daily personal care routines is switching from a disposable razor to going green with a reusable razor, which is a simple way to impact your environmental waste significantly.

In this article, we'll explore how to reduce your ecological footprint with a reusable razor, the different types of reusable razors, how to choose the best reusable razor for you, tips for caring for your reusable razor, companies offering eco-friendly and sustainable razors, and the future of reusable razors.‍

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The problem with disposable razors

Shaving has been a part of our daily grooming routine for centuries. While shaving has remained relatively the same, the products used have evolved significantly. Razors are also one of the most commonly used personal care items. Switching to a reusable razor can dramatically reduce plastic waste in landfills and oceans; unfortunately, many disposable razors widely used today are not eco-friendly.

Generally, disposable razors are made from plastic, a non-biodegradable material that currently takes hundreds of years to break down. As awareness grows about the environmental concerns of plastic, many people are looking for ways to minimise their impact on the planet.

One of the best ways to do this is to switch to eco-friendly shaving products, such as plastic-free razors.

To give you some perspective Fortune Business Insights reports that the global disposable razor blades market was $3.39 billion in 2019 & is projected to reach $4.31 billion by 2027. So the impact of disposable razors on the environment is notable.

Why are they popular?

Disposable razors are popular for several reasons:

Convenience & Accessibility

Disposable razors are designed to be easy to use and require no additional maintenance or cleaning. Once the blade dulls or becomes unusable, dispose of the razor and use a new one. Because of our human nature, we love convenience, and we also love a bargain.

Disposable razors are widely available and require no special equipment or training, making them accessible to anyone who needs to shave.


Disposable razors are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for travel or for carrying in a gym bag or purse.


Because disposable razors are designed to be used only once, they can help reduce the risk of infection or skin irritation from using a razor blade that has been used multiple times. Most razors are used by hospitals or the hospitality and service industry for precisely this reason.


Disposable razors are often less expensive, but are they?

Let's look at a standard packet of Bic razors in Europe, which for a pack of 10 costs roughly 5.10€ on Amazon. Super cheap. Let's say it takes about a year to get through 1 pack of 10, or if we were generous, let's say two years. If you were to buy a reusable razor, it's about 20 euros for one, so at first glance, it costs more.

But you could have that razor for ten years without replacing it, and if you look after it, you could even keep it for 20 years or more. I'll get into tips for looking after them in a minute.

In the long term, you would save money and do your bit for sustainability and the planet.

How can I make my grooming routine more eco-friendly and sustainable?

The good news is it is effortless to change your bathroom routine to be more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Choose Reusable razors

The most obvious way to reduce the environmental impact of your grooming routine is to switch from disposable razors to reusable ones. Reusable razors are made of metal or biomaterials such as bioplastic or bamboo, which is much more eco-friendly than standard plastic.

Reusable razors also require less energy and natural resources to manufacture, making them a much more sustainable option.

Finally, make sure to dispose of your razor blades properly. Most razor companies have a recycling program for their razor blades, so take advantage of this.

Choose Sustainable Beauty Products

In addition to choosing reusable razors, you can also decide on sustainable beauty products. There are plenty of products made with ethical manufacturing or sustainable farming practices in mind, such as sustainable palm oil.

Reduce Waste

Reducing waste is another critical way to make your grooming routine more sustainable. For example, you can switch to refillable containers for shampoo, conditioner, and other grooming products, which will help reduce the amount of plastic waste you produce.

The Different Types of Reusable Razors

Safety razors

Regarding reusable razors, there are several different types to choose from. The most popular type of reusable razor is the safety razor, which has a protective guard to help prevent cuts. These razors are typically made of durable stainless steel, bamboo or recycled plastic.

Straight razors

Another type of reusable razor is the straight razor. These are more traditional razors that require more skill to use, but they offer a close shave. Straight razors are usually made of stainless steel and require sharpening after each use.

Electric razors

Finally, there are modern electric razors. These battery-powered razors offer a close shave without the risk of cuts. Electric razors are typically plastic, but some brands offer eco-friendly electric razors from bamboo or other sustainable materials.

How to Choose the Best Reusable Razor for You

When choosing the best reusable razor for you, there are several factors to consider. The most crucial factor is the type of hair you need to shave. Some people have very fine hair, while others have more substantial, thicker, curlier hair requiring a different blade or durability type.

Once you know what type you need for your hair, you can decide if you want a safety razor, a straight razor, or an electric razor. Most shaving companies now offer something that will suit your needs, so it is down to personal preference.

Don't forget to look for a company which offers blade recycling and a warranty. That will help determine the quality of the razor you are purchasing.

Tips for Caring for Your Reusable Razor

When using a reusable razor, you must take care of it properly; the best way to do this is to clean it after every use. This will help ensure that the razor lasts as long as possible, keep the blades sharp, and prevent rust or corrosion.

To ensure you get the most out of your purchase, the most credible companies will offer a “how to use and care for” guide with your purchase, so follow those guidelines, and you can't go wrong. Also, store your razor in a dry place when not in use.

The most important and sometimes tricky thing about reusable razors is looking after the blades. Some blades can last a very long time. Most razor companies recommend replacing the blades every few months, but this will depend on how often you use them and how coarse or thick your hair is. But if you have the ability, there are ways of sharpening your razor at home with either a sharpening stone, a razor strop, or a special knack with denim that apparently works (I've never tried it!)

Companies Offering Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Razors

There are a growing number of companies offering eco-friendly and sustainable razors. These companies are creating razors made from eco-friendly materials, such as stainless steel, recycled plastic and bamboo, designed to last for many years.

One of the most popular companies in this space is Preserve. Preserve makes a variety of razors made from recycled materials, including plastic, stainless steel, and bamboo. Additionally, all of their razors come with a lifetime warranty.

Another famous company is Zero Waste Razor. This company creates razors made from stainless steel, and they are designed to last for many years. Additionally, they offer a recycling program for their razor blades and a money-back guarantee on all their products.

Finally, there is EcoRazor. EcoRazor creates razors made from bamboo, designed to last for many years. Additionally, they offer a recycling program for their razor blades and a money-back guarantee on all their products.

But you might have to order these through the post, so if you want to look for a big brand that is now on the eco-friendly bandwagon and widely available in supermarkets, look no further than Wilkinson Sword, which now offers recycled plastic razors.

The Future of Reusable Razors

The future of reusable razors looks very bright. As more and more people become aware of the need to reduce our environmental impact, the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly razors will only increase.

I still encourage you to look for a biodegradable razor rather than a recycled one. Don't get me wrong,;wecan reuse the plastic we have created is a good thing. However, my sustainability brain does recognise that even though it is recycled plastic….. it is still plastic.

Companies are also continuing to innovate and create new and improved razors. We will likely see razors made from new and innovative materials, such as biodegradable plastics and bamboo. We'll likely see new designs and features that make the razor easier to use and care for.

Finally, we anticipate an increase in companies offering eco-friendly and sustainable razors. This will help make sustainable razors more accessible and affordable for everyone. But, to help get those companies to switch, the change often starts with the shopper. So it's up to you to change your habits and support the companies trying to do better for the earth.

A Cut Above the Rest: Why Reusable Razors are the Sustainable Solution

Switching to a reusable razor is one of the simplest ways to reduce your everyday environmental footprint. Reusable razors come in various styles, materials, and prices, so it's important to research which is best for you. Additionally, taking proper care of your razor is essential to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Finally, make sure to dispose of your razor blades properly. With little effort, you can help reduce your environmental footprint and switch to a sustainable and eco-friendly razor.

So what are you waiting for? Switch to a reusable razor today and start making a difference.

I don't currently stock reusable razors, but if you are looking for some beard care products for your hairy friend or lovely soaps. Please take a look at our shop for some inspiration!

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